Washing Lines​

These are the standard specs for each machine.

High capacity washing lines can be customised for specific products.

  • Capacity is always related to the degree of soiling, and is an indication only.
  • All our tunnel washers are built as single units. At any stage you can increase capacity by adding on another unit with no loss of initital investment.
  • Most standard machines are in stock and are available for purchase or hire. Depending on the product you need to clean, these can usually be delivered and be up and running within a week. A range of options are available regarding blow-drying units and in/out feed tables and conveyors. 
  • Testing your product at our premises is free of charge. 
  • All our washing lines are HACCP and CE certified for the food industries.
  • Second-hand units are sometimes available. 
  • Standard washers have electric heating in the main-wash tank. Steam injection or heat exchangers are optional.
  • We also have a number of hire purchase options available.
  • Call us to discuss your washing needs as we most likely will have the right solution to fit your budget.