New Crate washing machines have landed

MatMan AU has had a shipment of new crate washing machines arrive with more machines in stock for immediate delivery.

MatMan AU’s commercial crate washing machines are versatile and able to operate in virtually any industry – cleaning: crates, collapsible crates, buckets, pails, baskets, trays (and many more types of reusable packaging) with little to no modification. 

The following commercial washing machines have just landed and are available to wash your reusable packaging now:

T1500 – medium sized machine

The T1500 is the ideal heavy duty crate washing machine and is one of the most versatile machines in MatMan AU’s range of industrial washers due to the large tunnel size which lends itself to washing larger crates, buckets, trays with a maximum size of 670 W x 400 H.

The T1500 is able to wash up to 500 crates/buckets/trays per hour (soiling dependent).


TECO – starter model

The TECO is best suited for an owner / operator who needs to wash trays, crates or buckets at a maximum size of 490 W x 260 H.

The TECO is able to wash up to 300 containers per hour (soiling dependant).

Examples of industries where MatMan Au’s machines are currently being used include:

• Fruit and vegetable packaging plants and pack houses
• Meat and Poultry processing
• Fisheries
• Pet food processing
• Nurseries seedling trays, planter pots and planter trays
• Sanitary product disposal bins

In addition to these new crate washing machines which have just landed, MatMan AU has plenty of other machines in stock:

Washing Machines


While these machines are versatile for many industries, MatMan AU also offers customised systems for customer needs including sanitising and air knives for drying.

Call us today to discuss your crate washing needs and how we can help your business.