We know crate washing

Since 2001, we’ve provided industries with advice, service and equipment for
washing industrial packaging, throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.  

MatMan Washing Solutions specialises in equipment solutions for crate washing and the washing of buckets, trays, trolleys, and pallets. We offer a range of crate washers, tray washers, trolley washers and bin washers.

We work with clients throughout Australasia who use our machines to wash their reusable packaging (such as crates and bins) in order to maintain the highest possible standards of hygiene, particularly in the fruit, vegetable, flower and food processing industries.

We sell, lease, and maintain a wide range of Limex tunnel washers and equipment, which has been crafted to an exceptionally high standard by Dutch engineers. The machines are simple to operate and made of high-quality stainless steel.

Crate Washing

Meet the highest hygiene requirements and strictest food safety standards.

Tray Washing

Remove all dirt and debris from your trays.

Reusable Packaging

Keep all of your reusable packaging clean and hygienic

We offer machines for sale and hire

This is a valuable asset and a great addition to your business’s capital and future growth.

We also offer machines for short and long-term hire.

This can be a very cost-effective and low-risk option to experience how our machines can solve your cleaning problems. Call us for a chat about the various hiring options available.

What industries do we serve?

Our machines wash crates and bins used by the following industries:

MatMan Crate Washers